Full of skill or stuffed with knowledge? – Sifu Bodo Seibold

Sifu Bodo Seibold, 4. TG, on the debate initiated by Grandmaster Kernspecht concerningn the value of Chi-Sao in WingTsun ...

Only if my basic reflexes are okay can I really teach

Dear Si-Fu,
Let me try to describe my first impressions of today’s small group lesson with you.
You served up a great deal of material to us today. It will take me a long time to digest what I heard, saw and felt. My head is full of information and new thoughts.
You answered many unasked questions and came up with many ideas and questions yourself. You showed me the difference between pressure and feeling, explained what for me were completely new WT theories (e.g. point theory) and showed me the goal of Chi-Sao training. You showed me the basis in a new light, and the importance of Poon-Sao, you taught me tactics and much more besides. Your WT is something quite different from what I know. You have a skill that nobody has in this way. And I would like to learn it.
I find it hard to formulate everything I have taken in today in a few words. I only know that this lesson has once again changed me, my thinking and my ideas about WT. I practice Chi-Sao a great deal, and will need to rethink my und training and change it. Certainly I will need to add another component to it, namely real tactile training.
Although you said that it is really only you that can implant these reflexes. For this clearly means that on my way to becoming a WT master I will save up money to take private tuition from you, provided you accept me of course. Only if my basic reflexes are okay can I really teach. I absolutely love teaching WT, and I would like to be one of the best who teach genuine WT.
Many things have also been confirmed to me, however; much of my WT understanding has been confirmed and reinforced.
Many thanks for your time and effort.
Best wishes,

Bodo Seibold, 4. TG