• Mar/09/2020
    My first encounter with ChiSao Kuen

    Unfortunately it was not possible for me to attend the official premiere when my SiFu GM Kernspecht presented his new teaching method in Tenerife for the first time. So I was all the more looking forward to the weekend of 15th/16th February in Norderstedt, where ChiSao Kuen was part of the programme the next time.

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  • Jan/31/2020
    ChiSao at the grappling distance

    Combat takes place at various distances, all of them with their own specific possibilities. Where can we apply our major strength, i.e. ChiSao? Does ChiSao also work at the grappling distance? A few thoughts on this in my editorial.

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  • Jan/01/2020
    Unbeatable in the Infight with ChiSao!

    I would like to start the New Year with an extract from my almost 400-page concept book on the subject of ChiSao, whose publication is planned for the first half of 2020.

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  • Nov/30/2019
    Trainer Academy: From beginners to masters

    Don’t be put off by the term ”Trainer Academy”. The classes are by no means intended only for instructors. It’s not only more advanced students who are most welcome, but also beginners who want to work on their student grade programmes.

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  • Nov/03/2019
    The heart of WingTsun or the secrets of the higher grades

    While training for your student grades, you learned how to defend yourself effectively. You have learned many new things that were unknown or unfamiliar to you. Now you are at the transition point from the student grades to the 1st higher grades. Our subject this time is what happens there.

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  • Oct/01/2019
    Tenerife, the silly season and other misconceptions

    Again and again we find that a number of long-outdated, once new introductions are still in regular use. WingTsun terms – their pronunciation or use – and also EWTO seminars are no exception.

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  • Sep/01/2019
    "Giving way"

    In his German language book book "The Big Seven", WingTsun grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht covers the essential seven capabilities that must be developed in his WingTsun for successful self-defence against stronger opponents.

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  • Aug/02/2019
    Self-defence with improvised weapons

    Everybody knows what a weapon is. But what is an improvised weapon? The answer: improvised weapons are day-to-day items that can be used as a weapon. For me these also include weapons that are not recognisable as such by laymen, for example a palmstick.

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  • Jul/01/2019
    The most important things are already in the first lessons!

    For over 16 years I have experienced and lived with WingTsun on a daily basis, as what might be called an ″in-house student″ of Sifu Kernspecht. For him, literally everything revolves around WingTsun, and all other topics are merely reference points to be applied to WT.

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  • Jun/06/2019
    The sucker punch – an unfair surprise attack

    Although it has been in common use in the street for a very long time, the term ”sucker punch“ from American slang only gained common currency in non English-speaking countries in 2011, when the American action fantasy film of the same name directed by Zack Snyder came to the cinemas. This made it known to the general public, though it takes its origin from boxing and refers to a rapid and unexpected attack.

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