Legal notes, liability disclaimer and privacy statements


Legal notes and liability disclaimer
No liability is accepted for any information or statements in these Internet pages. WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG does not warrant the correctness and completeness of the contents. No warranty or assurance is given for product characteristics. No legal rights are derived from the contents of these Internet pages. Errors in the content will be rectified immediately when made known to us. Owing to the delays inherent in the updating schedule the contents of these Internet pages cannot always be up-to-date. Accordingly please ask our head office for the latest information status. Links to other Internet pages are not continuously monitored, therefore we accept no responsibility for the contents of linked sites. This applies to all links and references included on our own Internet site and to contributions by third parties to "Blackboards" provided by the author, discussion forums, mailing lists and newsletters. Illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and especially damage arising from the use or non-use of such information are solely the responsibility of the owner of the site to which reference is made, not that of the individual or organisation merely referring to the relevant information by means of links.

Downloading data and software
WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG accepts no responsibility for the freedom from error of data and software which can be downloaded from these Internet pages. Software is checked for viruses by WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG. Nonetheless we recommend that data and software are checked for viruses using the latest anti-virus software after downloading.

Copyright and other protective rights
The contents of these Internet pages are protected by copyright. One copy of the information in these Internet pages may be stored in a single computer for non-commercial, personal use. Graphics, text, logos, photos etc. require the prior written permission of WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG before being downloaded, reproduced, copied, amended, published, transferred, transmitted or used in any other form. Product and company names mentioned in these pages may be registered trade marks or brands. Unauthorised use may lead to legal action and redress claims.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality
It is not possible to guarantee that information or personal data communicated to us are not being intercepted by third parties.

WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG does not accept liability for damage, and specifically not for direct or indirect consequential damage, loss of data, loss of profit, system or production breakdowns arising from the use of these Internet pages or the downloading of data. This disclaimer does no apply in the event of damage arising from the use of these Internet pages or the downloading of data if this is due to malicious intent or gross negligence. The legal relationship established between you and WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG through the use of these Internet pages is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The courts applicable to the registered offices of WingTsun GmbH & Co. KG in Kiel have jurisdiction in the event of legal disputes with other registered businesses resulting from the use of these Internet pages.

Notes concerning the martial arts techniques shown
Users of the Internet pages by WingTsun GmbH & Co KG are expressly advised that the application of the martial arts techniques shown in the videos and photos always involves a certain risk of injury, both when used against other persons and, if performed incorrectly, also for the user himself. This risk, which is inherent to all the martial arts, can only be minimised by taking qualified instruction from the instructors in martial arts schools affiliated to WingTsun GmbH & Co KG. Users must therefore be aware that without personal instruction they apply these techniques at their own risk. WingTsun GmbH & Co KG therefore accepts no liability for any injury either to the user or to other persons. Users are advised to consult an authorised WingTsun instructor in all cases where techniques are not clearly understood and inherently dangerous.