• May/21/2019
    And now he is a professor

    On 7th May GM Oliver König was awarded the title of “Professor emeritus“ by the State University of Plovdiv/Bulgaria in recognition of his achievements in the dissemination of the eastern martial arts –specifically WingTsun – and for his contribution to giving martial arts academic status.

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  • May/15/2019
    What is Chi-Sao for me

    The special Whitsun seminar will be dedicated to the motto ″Learn from the Best″. From 8th to 10th May, GM Gokor Chivichyan, my team of grandmasters and I will teach on various subjects in Großwallstadt. I will be focussing on function-oriented ChiSao, with the aim of making the eternal WingTsun dilemma transparent and finally resolving it …

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  • Jan/02/2019
    New Year greetings 2019

    Normally I leave the past year behind in my New Year greeting, and turn my gaze to all the things we can look forward to in the new year. This time I have not found this easy, as we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to two great fighters and personalities.

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  • Jan/02/2019
    Obituary – Kaicho Jon Bluming

    One day before the funeral of my student Uwe Kopplin, 8th MG WingTsun, the sad news reached us that Kaicho Jon Bluming had passed away. He died on 17.12.2018 at the age of 85.
    The death of Kaicho Jon Bluming has deprived the martial arts world of one of its greatest teachers and fighters.

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  • Nov/26/2017
    Zhong Xin Dao the 3rd discipline in the EWTO – WingTsun people, students and an honorary professor

    On 11th November 2017 at noon, Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht revealed the secret he had been keeping carefully over three years. The speculation and waiting came to an end in Kiel, when a highly unusual seminar began in the local trainer academy – with the mysterious "Puppetmaster".

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  • Jul/18/2017
    2017 International Seminar – Strategy not Techniques

    Three action-packed days at the 2017 International Seminar began almost exactly four weeks ago. Time for a brief review of what this Whit weekend in Hockenheim had to offer.

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  • Apr/10/2017
    Kids in the Candy Store – Grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan in Germany

    Here is the report on the EWTO seminar with grappling legend GM Gokor Chivichyan in Bruchsal:
    What child has never dreamed of being able to pick and choose anything it wants in a candy shop? Transposed to a martial artist, this would mean: I can spoil an opponent's attack without having to ask myself if I have the strength to do it. This is what we have always sought to achieve in WingTsun, and it also has top priority in grappling, as grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan emphasised in Bruchsal.

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  • Jan/01/2017
    New Year's Greetings 2017

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,
    At the end of an amazing anniversary year marking the 40th anniversary of the EWTO, which we celebrated in good style in many ways, I would like to welcome you to a "normal" but no less promising 2017.

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  • Jul/20/2016
    Grappling seminar with Master Karen Darabedyan

    In April the EWTO organised a seminar in Germany with GM Gokor Chivichyan, and as already announced, one of his best students, grappling master Karen Darabedyan, will be coming to Germany in October.

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  • May/06/2016
    The evolution of iWT

    This latest book written by GM Kernspecht and published by EWTO-Verlag enables all loyal followers, and especially also those who have not been following the development of inner WingTsun on Twitter, to read about the process in chronological order from its beginnings to mid-2014. A continuation with the Tweets from July 2014 onwards will follow. Incidentally, those who want to stay up-to-date and follow the evolution of iWT as it happens are well-advised to register as a follower of @GM_Kernspecht.
    Here is the foreword to the first volume as a foretaste:

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