WingTsun News

  • Jul/29/2003
    Confined spaces produce dangerous situations

    A basement or cellar entrance is a very good place to simulate fighting in a confined space.

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  • Jul/01/2003
    GGM Leung Ting's European summer tour

    Whitsun seminar

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  • Jun/26/2003
    Personal martial arts history of Felix Schönfelder

    The following is an attempt to describe the course of my development in the martial arts.

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  • May/25/2003
    WT helps you concentrate

    Last month we talked about solving problems directly and rapidly. By physical training WT teaches us not to postpone a task that needs to be done, for like the mountain of paper on a desk the opponent will otherwise appear to be more and more invincible and gain increasing power over us.

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  • Mar/30/2003
    Two Grandmaster "down under"

    GGM Leung Ting, the head of the international WingTsun family, arrived in Sydney, the headquarters of the AUEWTO

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  • Mar/29/2003
    WT synergies – four Masters in one seminar

    A special advanced training seminar for the teachers and instructors of the WT schools operated by Sifu Roland Liebscher-Bracht has been held at the Frankfurt WT Academy. Last December Sifu Giuseppe Schembri, 6th Master level WT and Sifu Roland Liebscher-Bracht, 5th Master level WT, had already held a joint class for the Frankfurt instructors. As this seminar met an enthusiastic response, Sifu Roland recently offered his instructors a further opportunity to learn from other WT Masters without the need to travel long distances to the venue.

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  • Mar/29/2003

    Traditional Kung-Fu training in a castle hidden in a forest. Again and again, film and TV producers find that the EWTO headquarters at Langenzell Castle are a topical item for their productions. This time a report was filmed for the Austrian educational programme ”Aha“ (comparable to the 3Sat programme ”Nano“).

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