Professional training at Langenzell castle


Professional prospects

The professional prospects? They are as good as the energy you put in. Every WT instructor basically learns the same programme, i.e. they are all given the same armoury. Some alumni of our professional training programme have managed to become the self-employed proprietors of more than a dozen WT schools in a short time, or even been appointed the national instructor for a European country, while others are barely scratching a living with just a few students. It's the same as everywhere else: it is not enough to have skills, you also have to get people interested in learning them. And you must be able to "sell yourself" well.

Being a WT instructor is not a generally recognised profession, although the German armed forces have repeatedly contributed to the training fees of former members training with us. It is a vocation for pioneers, though it is now already possible to take one's lead from a number of successful trailblazers.

Becoming a WT instructor

WT instructors are usually self-employed, or retained by one of the many sports centres or fitness clubs that have sprung up everywhere. We advise you to start on a part-time basis until you have gained enough self-confidence and experience, ands can also assess the financial prospects fairly reliably. You are protected against competition from within our own ranks by the area exclusivity scheme operated by the worldwide WT organisation for the Leung Ting system, which is currently represented in 64 countries and is the largest Chinese martial arts association (for a single style).

Not everybody can call himself a WT instructor. The terms "WingTsun", "WT" and "Leung Ting WingTsun" are protected by copyright to prevent misuse and ensure that the interested student receives training to a high quality level. WT training for instructors in Europe is organised by the WT Performance Centre at Langenzell Castle near Heidelberg, which offers various training courses to WT instructor of assistant WT instructor level. These can range from full-time training with more than 24 hours of lessons per week at Langenzell Castle to weekend courses almost everywhere in Germany and other countries. Combination courses and individually tailored courses of study are also possible.