What is WingTsun?

WingTsun is personal development

WingTsun training is done in a group, but on an individual basis. The capabilities of the individual are encouraged and developed.

WT is non-violent:
WingTsun instructors are against any form of violence. WingTsun is pure self-defence.

WT is fun:
WT instructors pass on their knowledge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

WT is intensive and versatile:
Self-defence skills are learned by concentrated and regular training.

WT centres on unique, multi-faceted techniques which can only be learned by concentrated practice and conscious willingness. Flowing movements and sudden speed combine into systematic, coordinated sequences and blend to form a new, powerful whole. Systematic WingTsun training improves your physical and mental flexibility and heightens your perception. On the way there your body is "refuelled" by specific relaxation and concentration techniques, as well as breathing exercises.

WingTsun builds on the existing potential of each student. It is not muscular strength and stamina that are required for WingTsun, but the willingness to let your body respond, to get to know your strengths and to put them to use. Training centres on learning a coordinated and healthy way of moving and heightened perception.

Learning WingTsun gives you a new awareness of your body and a new level of self-assurance. Intensive training gives students more confidence and they become aware of their capabilities and potential.

This newly developed self-assurance and physical wellbeing leads to a new quality of life. Personal constraints become less important in day-to-day living. Life becomes more varied and dynamic. WingTsun students are no longer the "victim-type" and for this reason alone rarely get into dangerous situations.

But if the need arises they possess an effective system of unarmed defence. WingTsun is uncompromising self-defence. WingTsun absorbs the strength of the attacker, converts it into its own strength, reinforces it and directs it back at the attacker.

This process is similar to a game of chess. The chess-player is at one with his pieces and instinctively knows his next move, as he has considered the actions of his opponent beforehand. The WingTsun fighter is the same: when in action the reflexes are used immediately.