WingTsun News

  • Sep/28/2004
    Spoiled for choice: TT or WT?

    Benedikt Rechmann, the youngest advanced WT student in the EWTO, is also a keen table-tennis player and has achieved some remarkable victories in numerous tournaments ...

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  • May/31/2004
    The first WT seminar exclusively for women with visiting instructor Sifu Christine Maull

    Sifu Christine was invited to Kassel by Sabine Mackrodt to hold a classic WingTsun seminar exclusively for women. Women even came to Kassel from schools in other areas, e.g. Frankfurt, Hanover ... to take part in this special seminar event.

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  • Feb/29/2004
    Power and relaxation in WT

    WT is an ultra-soft system, some say. Others have problems with this claim, as it often sounds too soft and lacking in fighting spirit. They know that WT people can hit very hard, and they feel this is not taken into consideration when WT is described as a soft style. Not do many outsiders know what to make of this softness; they have visions of people gently shoving each other around, and ask themselves how this is supposed to work against a violent attacker...

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  • Dec/29/2003
    A martial artist with heart and soul

    Sifu Josef Schoop's foremost guiding principle is:

    "Loyalty to his teachers and maintaining the code of honour of the ancient martial arts."

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  • Dec/28/2003
    The neutralisation of gender and the search for being

    WingTsun – a martial art that gives everybody, even the "weaker" sex, scope for effective self-defence. A soft, supple and adaptable martial art like a whiplash, merciless and uncompromising when used in earnest.
    Is that all? Must we be satisfied with this? In fact there is much more to it than this!

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  • Nov/29/2003
    Make yourself free from your own strength

    Every committed WingTsun follower knows the first strength principle. Everybody can remember it at once and many use it to argue a point, but is it always correctly understood?

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  • Oct/31/2003
    Using WingTsun principles to reconcile opposing aims - Part 3

    This time let's discuss the phenomenon of the special power developed by WingTsun. This flexible power, which is sometimes said to have supernormal capabilities, is only developed after years of intensive practice. It is justly feared, as e.g. chain-punches executed with the use of this power have incredible effects on an attacker. Where does this force come from, and how can you train to develop it?

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  • Sep/30/2003
    Absolving weaponless WingTsun in two years

    GGM Leung Ting has spent another week as a guest at Langenzell Castle to continue the series of private tutorials which he commenced in 2001 on the instigation of his master student GM Keith R. Kernspecht. One person who has not missed any of these tutorials is Dai-Sifu Giuseppe Schembri, 6th PG and National Instructor for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Markus Senft spoke to Dai-Sifu Schembri about the motivation which has led him to attend even repeated tutorials, and his impressions after two years of attending intensive classes with GGM Leung Ting.

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  • Aug/31/2003
    My way to WingTsun

    I had only a limited interest in sport when I was young. I was also unaware of the martial arts as competitive sports, and had no idea that there are also real fighting arts. I had only one passion, namely motorcycling and overhauling old bikes. And that is exactly what was to change my life completely. It was a serious motorcycle accident at the age of 19 that brought me to strength training after my muscle regeneration exercises.

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  • Aug/27/2003
    Using WingTsun principles to reconcile opposing aims

    Take the function of the Man-Sao, the contact-seeking hand, as an example.

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