Performing the Siu-Nim-Tau correctly

This month Dai-Si-Fu Giuseppe Schembri provides hints on performing the seventh and eighth sets of the Siu-Nim-Tau correctly, concluding this short series ...


The quality with which the forms are practiced has a major influence on the ability to apply the WT principles in actual combat.


The sequence of movements in the relatively short WingTsun forms is quickly learned, but even masters constantly refine their execution.
Naturally one could discuss countless aspects to which particular attention must be paid when practicing the forms, but the object of this series is not an exhaustive analysis of all the movements in a form. Instead Dai-Sifu Schembri provides examples of important aspects which should be noted.

Siu Nim Tau
7th set:
The left arm performs a Bong-Sao. The elbow is then lowered with a change to the Tan-Sao position. From this position a palm-strike with the fingertips pointing downwards (Ong-Cheung) is carried out. This is followed by a Huen-Sao movement, then the closed fist is retracted with Sao-Kuen. The sequence is repeated with the right hand.
NOTE: It is very important to ensure that the movement is led by the elbow when changing from Bong-Sao to Tan-Sao. The wrist only rotates right at the end.

8th set:
First the left hand is thrust forward and downwards, with the palm facing inwards. The right hand is then positioned on the left arm at elbow level, with the palm facing upwards. The right hand is then pushed downwards along the left arm, while the left arm is drawn upwards until the left hand rests on the right elbow with its palm upwards. The palm of the right hand rotates during this movement, so that it ends up facing inwards. This sequence (Tut-Sao) is repeated twice. After the third sequence the left hand closes to form a fist and chain-punches are performed. The first form ends with a Huen-Sao and Sao-Kuen movement.
NOTE: It is important to make sure that the lower arm only withdraws when the upper arm’s wrist moves across the lower wrist. (Coordination!)