Performing the Chum-Kiu correctly (Part 5)

Dai-Si-Fu Giuseppe Schembri provides hints on performing the fourth part of the Chum-Kiu form correctly.

The quality with which the forms are practiced has a major influence on the ability to apply the WT principles in actual combat.
The sequence of movements in the relatively short WingTsun forms is quickly learned, but even masters constantly refine their execution.
Naturally one could discuss countless aspects to which particular attention must be paid when practicing the forms, but the object of this series is not an exhaustive analysis of all the movements in a form. Instead Dai-Sifu Schembri provides examples of important aspects which should be noted.

4th part

With both fists pulled back, turn on the soles of both feet until the upper body faces forward. Life the left leg and perform a slanting kick to the left (Che-Chang-Goek), fully extending the leg. As soon as the left foot is set down after the kick, the right foot is dragged after it to perform a turn (Jark-San-Ma).
At the same time a Gam-Sao is performed with the left palm, while the right hand adopts the Wu-Sao position. This is repeated to the left, then to the right again.
After the third Gam-Sao movement the left palm becomes a fist and performs a jumping punch (Til-Kiu Chung-Kuen) to the opponent’s face. The movement is performed three times.
When the left arm has been fully extended, a right punch is performed underneath it (Kiu-Dai Chung-Kuen).
The form ends with chain-punches as in the first form.

NOTE: When executing the slanting kick (Che-Chang-Goek) with the left leg, ensure that the upper body remains frontal.
During the Gam-Sao movement with turn, make sure that the Wu-Sao hand initiates the movement.
Hint: When returning to the IRAS from Gam-Sao with Wu-Sao/turn, we do this without moving the arms. The Wu-Sao and the wrist of the hand performing Gam-Sao must be on the centreline.

Note: A detailed description of the Chum-Kiu form with numerous photos may be found in “Chum-Kiu of the WingTsun System“ by Grandmaster Leung Ting.