• May/01/2003
    Easter seminar 2003

    For more than three years the head of the international WingTsun family, GGM Leung Ting, has been working intensively on a worldwide standardisation of the WT teaching programmes. Over slightly more than 30 years he has been successfully able to make the WingTsun system of his teacher Yip Man and its then revolutionary, innovative teaching concept known throughout the world, making the International WingTsun Association the world's largest professional martial arts organisation.

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  • Apr/02/2003
    A life committed to duty

    On March 6, 2003 Kurt Witt passed away at the age of 85.
    Following his retirement as a police officer at the end of 1977 he made a change to the completely new environment of the WingTsun family, taking the commercial activities of the Wu Shu-Verlag publishing house under his wing on behalf of his stepson Keith Kernspecht. The private flat occupied by the Witts became a mail-order warehouse for books, clothing and sports equipment. During the early years the membership administration was also organised from here.

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