The WT school next door: Erfurt

Holger Peter about his way as WingTsun teacher and head of a WingTsun school in Erfurt:

Before WT I was more attracted to the harder styles. After German reunification I also became very interested in reading about various martial arts styles, and it was then that the book "On Single Combat" came to my attention. Intuitively I felt that I would like to practice the martial art described in this book (people say that some books find their way to their readers by themselves).
I requested a number of flyers and began to like the idea of training to become a WT instructor more and more. At the end of 1995 I was ready. I arranged a trial session with the Training Academy, which was to be followed by a conversation with Si-Gung Kernspecht. The trial session convinced me at once, and then it was time to meet the author of the book that was to determine my actions for the next few years. I was met by a man in his middle years who immediately impressed me with his calm and considered manner. When we met I immediately noticed his relaxed handshake (I had been expecting something like the grip of a vice). Much later, after I had been learning WT for some time, I realised that Si-Gung had freed himself from his own strength. I then began my combined course of study in Heidelberg and with my Si-Fu Roland, from whom I still receive regular private instruction and training in small group sessions. Otherwise I continue to work in my profession.

WT is so fascinating to me because it is completely undemonstrative – but uncompromising in its application. For outsiders Wing Tsun presents itself like the surface of a calm sea. It is when you dive in that you discover a fantastic world full of colours, approaches and aspects. The concept behind WT is absolutely logical and consistent. By constantly innovating it represents a great challenge for everybody. Wing Tsun is about pursuing goals, giving way and coming back. Most conflicts in private, professional and business life are created by a clash of views. Nobody is prepared to give way.

I have worked as a WT instructor since 1998. Some 3 years ago I was given the opportunity to open a WT school in my home town of Erfurt. After a difficult start I now have a solid base of regular students. When you build up a new school you very soon realise how much time, effort and also how many setbacks are required before you come closer to your aims.
My aim is to make WT even more well-known despite a great deal of local competition. I see it as encouraging that WT established itself as a self-defence method at the serious crime unit of the Thuringian police one year ago, and is now regularly practiced in unarmed combat training. To achieve your goals you must take small steps to build up a solid foundation. Gradual, well-considered steps are therefore important to reach the overall objective.

Best regards to all WT-people Holger Peter