Hamburg seminar with GM Kernspecht

At the beginning of October GGM Kernspecht was invited to hold a grading seminar in the WT metropolis of Hamburg. This time Sifu Jan Peter Busch had invited GM Kernspecht to the WT school in Jenfeld, eastern Hamburg, to give his "Northern Lights" some professional instruction. Accordingly it was no surprise that most of the senior WingTsun Technicians from Hamburg and surroundings (e.g. Wilhelmshaven, Lübeck etc.) came together there to be taught by GM Kernspecht himself.

The seminar began on time and the individual student and Technician groups were formed according to tradition. They were then expertly instructed in their programmes with a great deal of humour and explanation by GM Kernspecht. During the first session every single student grade had the privilege of being examined by GM Kernspecht. For the higher student grades his main concern was to ensure that their Chi-Sao was correctly and smoothly executed. All were individually taken through the relevant topics, so that in the end the participating students passed their grading with a feeling of having learned something as well.

With a great deal of empathy and commitment GM Kernspecht was once again able to show each participant his potential and motivate them all, bringing the first session to a successful conclusion after approx. four and a half hours.

In the second session the higher grades and instructors had the benefit of receiving a great deal of new information from GM Kernspecht. It began with the 1st section of Chi-Sao. Responding to a number of questions by the instructors, GM Kernspecht demonstrated the correct sequence in his incomparably relaxed manner. He stressed the importance of individual details in the section which an instructor should pay attention to with his students: "Only in this way can you usefully pass it on to your students," the Grandmaster repeatedly emphasised.

In addition to practicing the section there was of course also the opportunity to absolve different parts of the "grading slip" for a Technician grade (editor's note: the grading slip contains the list of requirements for the next Technician grade, each of which are ticked off by GM Kernspecht after successful completion). Accordingly one of the participants was awarded the 1st Technician grade by GM Kernspecht at the end of the seminar.

For both beginners and advanced students, seminars with Grandmaster Kernspecht are the best way to have their present standard examined while keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the Leung Ting WingTsun system. The success of WingTsun is not least due to decades of unceasing teaching commitment on the part of GM Kernspecht, who still remains a hands-on Grandmaster for every single student.

Text: Mirko Kannenwischer