A life committed to duty

On March 6, 2003 Kurt Witt passed away at the age of 85.
Following his retirement as a police officer at the end of 1977 he made a change to the completely new environment of the WingTsun family, taking the commercial activities of the Wu Shu-Verlag publishing house under his wing on behalf of his stepson Keith Kernspecht. The private flat occupied by the Witts became a mail-order warehouse for books, clothing and sports equipment. During the early years the membership administration was also organised from here.
He knew no rest when it came to serving the needs of enquirers and customers. Being a "fast sleeper", as he used to say, he would sometimes be up manning the telephone late into the night, to the amazement of callers. For many years the morning trip to the post office, heavily laden with packages, parcels and book consignments, was a fixed part of his daily schedule. On the return journey he would secure further supplies of packaging material, which would otherwise have been consigned to the "waste paper" by other companies. As a crowning event he was able to attend the anniversary celebrations in Hockenheim in person.
We are grateful for the privilege of having spent so many years with our always calm and thoughtful boss.

The Wu Shu team