• Jan/01/2017
    New Year's Greetings 2017

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,
    At the end of an amazing anniversary year marking the 40th anniversary of the EWTO, which we celebrated in good style in many ways, I would like to welcome you to a "normal" but no less promising 2017.

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  • Jul/20/2016
    Grappling seminar with Master Karen Darabedyan

    In April the EWTO organised a seminar in Germany with GM Gokor Chivichyan, and as already announced, one of his best students, grappling master Karen Darabedyan, will be coming to Germany in October.

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  • May/06/2016
    The evolution of iWT

    This latest book written by GM Kernspecht and published by EWTO-Verlag enables all loyal followers, and especially also those who have not been following the development of inner WingTsun on Twitter, to read about the process in chronological order from its beginnings to mid-2014. A continuation with the Tweets from July 2014 onwards will follow. Incidentally, those who want to stay up-to-date and follow the evolution of iWT as it happens are well-advised to register as a follower of @GM_Kernspecht.
    Here is the foreword to the first volume as a foretaste:

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  • Feb/04/2016
    Grappling-Seminar with GM Gokor Chivichyan

    The grappling legend Grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan will visit Germany in 2016!
    You can learn directly from the Grandmaster without travelling to USA!


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  • Jan/01/2016
    New Year's Greetings 2016

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,
    The year ahead will be a very special one for us – we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the EWTO! And this milestone will be celebrated in superlative form over the Whitsun weekend in the Stadthalle in Hockenheim.

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  • Jun/03/2015
    Jon Bluming signs new book from EWTO-Verlag

    At the 2015 Leadership Congress, Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht presented the recently published book about the life and times of martial arts legend Kaicho Jon Bluming. The school owners were the first able to purchase the book on the spot from the EWTO shop. Many then seized the opportunity to have it signed by Kaicho Jon Bluming during his visit to the International Seminar.

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  • Jan/01/2015
    New Year's Greetings 2015

    Dear friends, students and colleagues,
    I am looking forward to the new year 2015 with great expectations and creative energy.

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  • Dec/20/2014
    The new, extended Coursebook

    In the luxury edition of his latest publication, “Coursebook: Inner WingTsun”, Grandmaster Kernspecht points the way to a WingTsun to be understood as an inner style.
    While this most compact of all the books published by EWTO-Verlag fits comfortably into any trouser pocket, it is also a gem for all bibliophile WingTsun followers.

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  • Jun/22/2014
    Record-breaker in Hockenheim

    Record-breaking, but not in the sense of muscle-cars roaring around the Hockenheimring race circuit  to achieve lap records. After the rather cool spring temperatures last year, the weather was particularly kind this year, and gave the school owners attending the Leadership Congress and the participants in the International Seminar plenty of opportunity to work up a sweat at up to 36° C.

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  • Jan/24/2014
    The grand 2014 EWTO seminar event

    Get ready for the EWTO's highlight seminar of the year: the 2014 International Seminar in Hockenheim. The theme of the event this time is "Control and Risk".

    All you need to know to make your plans is just a mouse-click away.

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