New Year message for 2014

Dear friends, students and colleagues,

I am using the remaining few days of the year to complete the manuscript for my new book project. I therefore expect the "Course book: Inner WingTsun" to appear as early as February.

I am pressing for the earliest possible publication because I consider it absolutely essential to present my understanding of a "whole" WingTsun even more immediately.
For my doctoral thesis I summarised my findings from decades of (still continuing) research on over 2000 pages. Initially my intention was to publish this work as a large-format, four-volume series. I made a start with the over 400 pages of the practical volume "Fightlogic3!", and the more theoretical volumes 1, 2 and 4 were to follow at intervals of one to two years.
After the publication of the elaborately presented hard-cover book in A4 format, I however became convinced that I should publish the remaining content in a more "handy" form to make access to the material easier for readers.

In May 2013 I therefore published "Essence of WingTsun" in A5 format, into which I not only incorporated the experience gained from my daily, practical WT teaching whose continuing object is to develop our WingTsun further as a principle or rather function-oriented system of self-defence and self-realisation. "Essence of WingTsun" is also the fruit of my understanding from the theoretical study of the enormous knowledge and expertise in the field of sports and movement science of my friend and mentor Prof. Tiwald, who sadly died far too early last year.

I want to systematically continue the "distillation process" of my findings and experience with the "Course book: Inner WingTsun". In paperback format with approx. 130 pages, it is firstly intended to show complete beginners the way of our WingTsun with all the important stages (forms, ChiSao, BlitzDefence etc.), guide them along the path, and explain what is only a learning stage that can be forgotten later, what is indispensable as the essential core and what holds everything together (the functional principles!).

In the same measure, however, this system guide is directed at the "old stagers" in WT, for whom I explain the evolution of our WingTsun from a substantially procedural and technique-determined style into a function-oriented and constantly developing system, so that they can take an active part in this development and even more effectively incorporate their wealth of experience.

Also as defined by the Chinese, WingTsun is not a traditional, dusty "museum style" that is already "complete" and only needs to be "imitated". It is people, it is we who give life to the WT principle, who express ourselves with the help of WT, who are self-aware and learn to defend ourselves when necessary.

I look forward to re-experiencing living WingTsun again and again with you, and hope that I will have the opportunity to welcome you personally during future seminars.

I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year 2014.

Your SiFu/SiGung
Keith R. Kernspecht