New Year greetings 2019

Normally I leave the past year behind in my New Year greeting, and turn my gaze to all the things we can look forward to in the new year. This time I have not found this easy, as we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to two great fighters and personalities.

One of them was one of my oldest, most loyal and formidable students – DaiSifu Uwe Kopplin, 8th MG, head of the WingTsun Academy in central Berlin.
The other was the martial artist who was second to none in holding my esteem – Kaicho Jon Bluming, a Karate legend and founding father of modern MMA.

My sadness at the loss of these valued individuals inevitably means taking a look back and remembering the times we shared together. At the same time these memories are an incentive to look forward, as that is what makes great fighters and combat itself: being able to take punishment, carrying on, remaining brave and hopeful. One might call this attitude "fighting spirit", and in other, less martial contexts perhaps also "fortitude", "optimism" or "confidence".

New literature

And it is with confidence and energy that I am contemplating  the new year. I am particularly pleased that deliveries of my new book "The Big Seven" are starting at the beginning of January. I already had an advance copy under my Christmas tree, and am delighted that I can add another volume to the wonderful, linen-bound luxury series after "Course Book: Inner WingTsun".
I also have firm plans for another book on "ChiSao/Sticky Hands" in 2019.  This will summarise the findings from the research I have done over recent years. I'm making good progress, with around 150 pages already written. At the same time this book will be the theoretical basis for a new seminar series in which I will cover this specific topic in practice.

Last seminar in Tenerife

In a few days we will be departing for Tenerife for the by now almost traditional starting event of the EWTO's seminar curriculum year. I say "almost" because this will be the last seminar in Tenerife. Next year we will be looking for another suitable venue for this opening event. For all those who want to seize the opportunity to attend this seminar again (or for the first and last time), this is a three-day seminar from 11.01. to 13.01.2019.
WingTsun instruction in small groups with myself and/or ZXD with Sifu Natalie will be available from 08. to 20. January 2019.

ZXD training

Speaking of ZXD – the examination seminar for EWTO assistant instructors will take place in March. Those wishing to take the demanding two-day examination with GM Sam Chin in person have plenty of opportunity to practice everything thoroughly beforehand.

Not only in Tenerife, but also in Kiel, we are offering a preparatory seminar for the ZXD Assistant Instructor examination with Sifu Natalie and myself (Ass. Instructor modules #1 - 4).
Dates: 12. - 15.02.2019, daily from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 - 3.30 p.m.

The next important event in Kiel is the ZXD seminar with examination for Assistant Instructor with GM Sam Chin, Hsin Chin, Yen Chin, Natalie and WT GM Kernspecht.
Dates: Saturday/Sunday 09./10.03.2019, starting at 12:00 noon on both days and expected to end at around 5:00 p.m. (but open-ended, so that every candidate  is able to pass)

Detailed information and registration from DaiSifu Frank Schmalz in Kiel.

Special WingTsun seminar over Easter 2019

After many years, we will once again be organising a further major WingTsun seminar for Easter in addition to the Whitsun seminar.

The Special Easter 2019 WingTsun Seminar will take place at Sporthotel Großwallstadt with GM Kernspecht, GM Schembri, GM König and GM Schrön, who for three days will teach Inner WingTsun, Classical WingTsun, Applied WingTsun, Long Pole, Double Knives for six hours per day. All examinations are possible.
Dates: 20. - 22.04.2019
Further information and registration under tel. no.: +49 6221 7262600 or by email: headoffice@ewto.com

WingTsun/Grappling seminar Whitsun 2019

The next major seminar will not be long in coming either. Once again we will be guests at the Sporthotel Großwallstadt, where in the morning the grappling legend GM Gokor Chivichyan will be giving instruction, with GM Kernspecht, GM Schembri, GM König and GM Schrön teaching in the afternoon.
Dates: 07. - 10.06.2019
Further information and registration under tel. no.: +49 6221 7262600 or by email: headoffice@ewto.com

The circle closes and opens again

Picking up a copy of WT World 42, I leaf through the event calendars and am amazed at the number of classes, seminars, advance courses and training events that have come together. It is good to see the fruits of decades of continuous hard work. I am always very pleased to see completely new faces at seminars, people who are taking their first steps into the world of martial arts, and next to them longstanding masters who are still as enthusiastic as ever. DaiSifu Uwe Kopplin was one of them.
And even at the age of 83, Kaicho Jon Bluming still insisted on taking to the mat to teach students.
This is how the circle closes and opens again and again.

Happy New Year
Your SiFu/SiGung
Keith R. Kernspecht