The WT school next door: Limburgerhof

Toni Schmidt opened his WT and Escrima school in Limburgerhof under the name "Centre for Self-Defence" more than six years ago

I have been training in WT 3-4 times per week without interruption since February 1993, and Escrima since 1999. What I find fascinating about WT and Escrima is that new doors are constantly opening at whatever level one reaches. I opened my WT and Escrima school in Limburgerhof under the name Centre for Self-Defence more than six years ago. Before that I ran a school for four years on behalf of my Sifu. I chose Limburgerhof as the location for my school because I work and live in the area, and therefore know lots of people. Limburgerhof is a medium-sized community which forms part of Ludwigshafen, and has around 13 000 inhabitants. Transport connections are very good owing to motorways, federal highways and rail services.

I use various advertising methods to address different target groups – women, children, older people and also people who wish to develop in their professions (e.g. police officers). The best advertising of all is word of mouth, however. If my students are satisfied and feel they are well catered for with me, they will tell others. This form of advertising attracts the most student numbers.
I usually structure my classes as follows: during the first part I attach great importance to the forms, basic techniques and footwork. I then go into detail with practical applications. Finally I am open to requests, but mainly with the emphasis on applications.
I have three goals:

1.) To develop my personal skills and capabilities further.
2.) To pass my skills and capabilities on to my students, so that they too can achieve their goals.
3.) To expand my school, increase student numbers and offer more courses.
Sifu Toni Schmidt
3rd TG WT
2nd TG Escrima