Super atmosphere in Lübeck

Wonderful sunshine, cosy old-town surroundings, a beach bar, boat party – all that is missing for a successful weekend is a little training ...

There was more than enough of this at the large international seminar held in the city.
In collaboration with Sifu Roy Schirdewahn and his team, the EWTO laid on a seminar weekend that will undoubtedly go down as one of the WingTsun highlights of 2007.

The list of invited teachers reads like a Who’s Who of the international WingTsun and Escrima community:
Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht and Grandmaster Bill Newman, Dai-Sifu Giuseppe Schembri, Dai-Sifu Oliver König, Dai-Sifu Andreas Gross, Dai-Sifu Thomas Schrön, Dai-Sifu Roland Liebscher-Bracht and Sifu Victor Gutierrez.
And that was not all! GGM Leung Ting and his brother Sifu Leung Koon had travelled from Hong Kong specially to attend this event.
The programme on offer was certainly packed: from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, the participants had the opportunity to attend various high-quality seminar classes. Well thought-out organisation ensured that all those attending were able to take part in classes that matched their respective levels. Whether beginner, technician or master – a high-calibre teaching team such as this had something to offer everyone.
Despite the packed training programme, there was a relaxed, summer’s weekend atmosphere throughout the seminar. Most of the seminar rooms were located in an old roasting house in the centre of Lübeck, whose Mediterranean-style rear courtyard was a positive invitation to sit in the sun and enjoy a cappuccino during the breaks.
And after each day of stimulating physical activity, the picturesque city of Lübeck was the perfect place for an evening stroll.
Not on the Saturday though – as this was scheduled for a party on a boat rented exclusively for the occasion. The highlight of this celebration was the presentation of the 10th Master Level to Grandmaster Bill Newman. A committee of national instructors jointly chaired by Grandmasters Leung Ting and Keith R. Kernspecht awarded this most senior of all grades for an active teacher to Bill Newman, in recognition of his unique contribution to the development of Escrima.

The opinions of the enthusiastic participants were unanimous after the event: “A seminar like this should be held at once every year!“.
That is certainly something all those involved will be working towards.

Text: Markus Senft