Official EWTO statement on the amicable and agreed parting of the ways with Victor Gutierrez

This is an official announcement that Victor Gutierrez is no longer part of the EWTO management team, and has left the association on his own request to launch the competing organisation he has been secretely planning for the last year on 1 February 2010.

The reason Victor gave for his decision, which came as a surprise to us, is that he thought he would be unable to realise his full-contact department within the EWTO. Despite the fact that we were able to reassure him convincingly that it was precisely for the formation of such a department that he was brought into the management team, we were unable to dissuade him from his plan as this was already in the final phase and could not be reversed. We regretfully respect Victor's decision, even though we fail to understand it in principle. We wish Victor all the success he deserves with his new organization, which will now give new impulses to the scene as another competitor.

Naturally we have no intention of leaving the "full-contact competition / realistic combat" sector to lie fallow. The EWTO sees itself as an association which represents and has unified all interests, from realistic self-defence and armed combat to ChiKung – our aim is for every individual to meet his or her needs with us.

As numerous communications have confirmed, numerous school owners and instructors are already not restricting themselves to pure self-defence (ritualised combat and attacks). Not a few of them are following the recommended teaching structure and integrating a wide range of aspects into their classes, one of these being sporting competition.

To support our school owners and instructors, we will be expanding this particular sector in the future. A number of experienced fighters and instructors have already indicated their willingness to contribute their wide experience and input, and to help make the new department a success.

There are no doubt a few school owners who will decide to join the new association and take part in the foundation meeting already announced. We will create no problems for them when they leave our association, and wish them too every success in the future.
At the same time we wish to thank all the loyal school owners and instructors for their loyalty!

On behalf of the EWTO

Keith R. Kernspecht
and the EWTO management team