New Year greetings from South Africa

Dear Friends, students and colleagues,
The very best greetings and wishes for the New Year from this year’s South African seminar in Cape Town with the National Instructor for S.A., Josef Schoop, and the National Instructor for Namibia, Heino Fritz.

For reasons of nostalgia I have used this opportunity to arrange further series of photographs for my coming book about live Chi-Sao and its application in self-defence. These have been ”shot” in some of the most beautiful areas of Cape Town by the same superb photographer (Sam Pelissier) who was responsible for the photos in my first BlitzDefence book “Attack is the best defence”.

While I was probably one of the first to break with the convention of showing self-defence sequences in gymnasiums with a basketball net in the background a few decades ago, preferring to use realistic locations such as back-alleys, entry gates and underground car parks as a backdrop, I have now developed rather a taste for out-of-context locations and chosen some of the most attractive parts of the world as contrasting scenery for my new opus.
Nonetheless, I promise you that the techniques will be very, very realistic.
We will probably shoot the last photos for the book during the university study week in Tenerife.

While I mention it: on three days of the study week there will be a WT seminar for TGs in Tenerife, during which I will be assisted by my master students Sifu Schembri, Sifu Koenig, Sifu Gross, Sifu Juergen Kestner, of course Sifu Gutierrez and probably Sifu Liebscher-Bracht.

For all participants, and naturally also for the course students, there will be opportunities for TG and PG examinations as I will be available in Tenerife for around one week.
And for those who are willing to invest the corresponding practice time, I can help them to meet the more stringent TG and PG examination requirements resulting from the addition of the reaction training programme before the end of January ‘07.

Once again, best wishes for the New Year and may the success of the EWTO continue in 2007!

Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht