'Heavyweight' long pole seminar

A group of keen WT-Masters and -technicians came together at the northern European headquarters for WingTsun in Kiel for a long pole seminar with GM Kernspecht.

In addition to the organiser of the seminar, Sifu Frank Schmalz, the event was attended by WT masters Dai-Sifu Rolf Hellmann, Sifu Peter "Piet" Thietje and Sifu Hayo Zuber. Never before had so many participants come to Kiel for a long pole seminar, with advanced students arriving from all over northern Germany and even the Berlin area.
Once all the participants had performed the first section of the Luk-Dim-Poon-Kwan in theory and practice together, they were divided into different groups. The group for the first section was trained and corrected by Sifu Frank Schmalz under the supervision of GM Kernspecht. The subject matter here was strength training and the first part of the long pole form. GM Kernspecht had a big surprise in store for all those taking part in the first section, as he demonstrated the heavyweight version. "Heavyweight" because GM Kernspecht hung a "jacket" over the tip of each student’s pole to make precise movements even more difficult in view of the extra weight – though much fun was had by all! The more advanced participants repeated the individual sections or practiced new movement sequences. GM Kernspecht also took the opportunity to practice long pole sparring with his master students, who had great fun and showed enormous commitment.

GM Kernspecht explained things down to the last detail and placed them in a practical context. He placed great emphasis on the principles of the long pole with reference to weaponless WT, particularly the laws of gravity and physics. He reiterated that constant practice is indispensable, and that this is the only way to success, and gave detailed answers to all questions relating to the correct handling of the long pole. As a result every participant was able to take home a great deal of newly acquired knowledge as a basis for further personal study. 
"This event will be held in Kiel even more frequently in future", Sifu Frank Schmalz assured the participants at the close. The next long pole seminar in Kiel is planned for 21.06.07. Information about this and more is available at http://www.wt-kiel.de

Text: Mirko Kannenwischer