Escrima-News July

The grand 2006 Escrima Tournament will soon be upon us; here is the latest news:


After a major effort we have finally managed to find a hall which is suitable for the event and is subject to acceptable regulations for such a tournament.
We have been able to book the multi-purpose hall in Mittebuchen near Hanau for the tournament and the gala evening. The address is: Zur Breulwiese/Kesselstädter Strasse, 63454 Mittelbuchen (Mittelbuchen is approx. 10 km from Frankfurt/Main and Hanau/Main).


To date we have received around 20 attendance confirmations from Germany and around 15 from England. We expect to receive another 30 from Germany. Five contestants led by the Spanish national instructor have also definitely confirmed their attendance.
Since the logistics are being organised by unpaid volunteers, but are no less complex for that, we request that any further contestants register with us as soon as possible.

Preparatory training

Anybody who has specific questions about the rules or is simply interested in preparatory training for the tournament is invited to take part free of charge. Many schools within the EWTO offer the appropriate training, and it is worth asking. One example is the Escrima school in Maintal (, which has training in addition to regular classes every Friday from 20.00 – 21.30 (sparring) and Saturday from 10.00 – 12.00 (fitness/stamina).

Painting competition

As the EWTO is focussing on training for children this year, we are organising a painting competition for children on the subject of Escrima. The best pictures will be displayed during the event, and prizes will be awarded. Those wanting to take part should send their picture to:

Escrima Turnier 2006
WT und Escrima Schule Maintal
Edmund-Seng-Str. 17
D - 63477 Maintal – Dörnigheim

Important news concerning the tournament rules

The following is a detailed explanation of some of the rules, as we have had numerous queries concerning these:

- The wearing of chest protection (vests), gumshields and elbow/knee/shin protection is optional. Only protective items approved by the EWTO are permitted, to ensure that contestants are not endangered.
- The rules specify the following mandatory protective equipment for men: head, hand and groin protection. Women also require chest protection.
- Protective equipment must be brought by the contestants. The coach/trainer should also bring repair tools and possibly replacement equipment. Previous experience shows that items are sometimes broken.
- Sticks will be provided by the organisers, and there is a choice of several to ensure the same chances for all contestants. No changes may then be made.
- Black trousers and a correct T-shirt (according to grade) are also mandatory for tournaments.
- Branding/advertising (e.g. Kwon on a vest, Windy on gloves) should be removed or blanked out with a suitable colour (hint: coloured marker pen in the same colour as the protective equipment, alternatively black). We intend to promote ourselves during this tournament, rather than companies who have not contributed a single Cent to the event.
- Contestants must adopt the cross-stick position after being introduced. Each contestant must take two steps back once the referee has indicated that the fight can commence. The fight can only commence once this is done. We want each fight to begin at stick-fighting distance, not immediately as a clinch/infight.
Attempted throws are permitted during the infight, also kicks within the rules, boxing techniques, knees, elbows and head-butting, but not ground-fighting (with bladed weapons in mind).
- The principal coach/trainer of a team must not be a contestant himself.

Text: Antonio Zaragoza
Photos: Peter Westermann