„De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi"

Extremely impressive! That is the only way to describe the international seminar held in San Marino in early July.

Sifu Paolo Brighi, national instructor for San Marino, had invited Grandmaster Bill Newman and Bernd Hoyer to hold an extra-special seminar.
Numerous Escrima fans had come to San Marino to learn new programmes or grade under  the shady trees of the “Parco die Monte Cerreto”.
The big sensation was the introduction of various mediaeval weapons into the training schedule: spear, mace, rapier, whip, long sword and much more. This was specifically aimed at escrimadores who are fascinated by the mediaeval period, as well as re-enactment groups.
Each morning the re-enactment group “Arpa del Diavolo“ opened the proceedings with a series of mediaeval duels.
All the participants trained with gusto, and had numerous questions to ask Grandmaster Bill about the techniques and history of mediaeval armed combat. At the end of the two-day seminar, all those attending were highly enthusiastic and satisfied, hoping that the seminar will be held again next year.
Sifu Brighi wishes to thank his Escrima teachers Grandmaster Bill Newman and Bernd Hoyer, and also Camillo Decimo, the chief instructor in Escrima for southern Italy, for his help with interpreting and instructing the students.