The Big Seven – International EWTO Seminar 2010

"The Big Seven" sounds like the title for a new epic film. Haven't we had this before? In 1960 it was "The Magnificent Seven" who thrilled cinema-goers in the action film of the same name. This was based on the film classic "The Seven Samurai" (1954) by the outstanding Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. This year it is the EWTO that is writing the screenplay for the Big Seven.

The main characters at this year's 4th International EWTO Seminar will be Awareness, Balance, Fighting spirit, Mobility, Scaling the senses, Timing and Unity of the whole body. They are intentionally given in alphabetical order, so as to preclude arguments about the relative ranking and importance of these fighting factors right from the start.
The backdrop for these sophisticated fellow-combatants will be Stadthalle Hockenheim, which already provided a fitting venue for the 25th anniversary celebrations of the EWTO.
From 22nd to 24th May – Whit Saturday, Sunday and Monday – a number of grand masters, masters and experts in their disciplines will be directing the interaction between the Big Seven according to their personal, masterly interpretation of the screenplay. During the three-day event, the supporting cast of participants in three grading levels – the groups are shown in the programme --  will be integrated into the action, getting to know and learning to work with the main characters in various interpretations.
But that is not all. There will also be a gala evening, giving all the participants an opportunity to establish and deepen personal contacts in a relaxed atmosphere during dinner and subsequent celebrations.
Nobody should miss this unique event. This opportunity for such an intensive and multi-faceted encounter with the Big Seven fighting factors is unlikely to come again.
So register as soon as possible to secure one of the limited places in this epic.