• Jun/29/2004
    Practical week of the Sports Education course with emphasis on WT successfully concluded

    The practical part of the 1st semester took place at the Castle during the second week in June. The topics were the first two student grades in WT (Grandmaster Kernspecht) and WT-CK (Sifu Roland Liebscher-Bracht), Karate (Sigi Wolf) and FrequenChi (Sifu Mark Tietz and Sifu Claus Kowalik).

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  • Jun/28/2004
    “Living as a pure (martial) art”

    Sifu Peter Thietje, who is respectfully referred to by his students – and not just by them – as Sifu Piet, was awarded the 5th Master grade in WT by Si-Fu Kernspecht on 29th April 2004 in recognition of his great achievements. Sifu Piet, who runs the WT schools in Rendsburg and Eckernförde together with his wife, Birgit, has been a member of the EWTO for around 23 years.

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  • Jun/04/2004
    Elephant or fly?

    Dear WT students, instructors and colleagues,

    The problem that preoccupies us beyond all measure, and to which I am not the only one to devote a great deal of thought, is without doubt the following: A FLY CAN WALK AROUND ON THE CEILING WITHOUT FALLING DOWN. SO WHY CAN’T WE?

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  • Jun/02/2004
    United we are strong – first EWTO instructor meeting

    The traditional seminar with Grandmaster Kernspecht was held over the Whitsun weekend, and was this time concluded by a meeting of all school instructors on the invitation of the founder and head of the EWTO, with the aim of outlining the future direction of the association by constructive discussion.

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  • Apr/29/2004
    Start of term at Langenzell Castle

    Monday, 26th April 2004 will go down as a great day in the development history of WingTsun. The first forty students arrived at the Trainer Academy – which is strictly speaking an institute belonging to a university – in Langenzell Castle to begin their course of study in sports education, specialising in WingTsun.

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  • Mar/29/2004
    New Master grades

    On 13.3.2004 Sifu Peter Maull, Dai-Sifu Filippo Cuciuffo, Sifu Victor Gutierrez and Sifu Francesco Gutierrez passed the final examinations for their next Master grades at Langenzell Castle.

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  • Feb/28/2004
    An almost private WingTsun and Escrima seminar with Grand Masters Keith R. Kernspecht and Bill Newman in Malta from 2. to 4. April 2004

    Sifu Michele Stellato, 4th TG WT and the national instructor for Malta, has invited his teachers GM Kernspecht and GM Newman to this beautiful Mediterranean island for a three-day seminar.

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  • Feb/26/2004
    6th Dan Hapkido as a "thank you" for Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht

    On 1st February 2004 Josef Schoop, 8th Dan Hapkido and 3rd TG in WingTsun, the representative for Hapkido in Europe, awarded his Si-Fu, Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht, the 6th Dan in Hapkido at the end of a WingTsun seminar held in Frankfurt by Kernspecht. In this article the highest-graded German Hapkido master explains the reasons for awarding this extraordinary honour to a grandmaster from another style.

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  • Jan/28/2004
    An intensive five-day seminar with Grand master Keith R. Kernspecht and Grand master Bill Newman in Tenerife

    For five days the European Chief Instructor demonstrated a welter of sophisticated Chi-Sao techniques and took pleasure in willingly sharing his knowledge with a small, intimate class of participants. He was quite obviously enjoying this opportunity for intense physical activity so soon after Christmas. Since Spain was still in Christmas hibernation, the participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy were able to enjoy hour after hour of Chi-Sao with the father of WingTsun in Europe, for this was the main emphasis of the seminar. We conducted a brief interview:

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  • Dec/30/2003
    The unsung hero of the EWTO

    WingTsun is more than just a martial art for Stefan Schmaltz. After a serious road accident it was WT that brought the now 36 year-old back into a normal life. He now seems determined to repay this debt. In fact since he discovered WingTsun more or less by accident in 1991, a new era has begun for Stefan Schmaltz.

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