Escrima News

  • Apr/30/2006
    It's finished!

    Size A 4, weighing almost 1.5 kilograms, 300 pages of distilled knowledge illustrated with more than 700 photos: the Escrima opus by Master Bill Newman

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  • Feb/28/2005
    EWTO Escrima Tournament 2005

    EWTO Escrima Tournament by the EWTO (Escrima and WingTsun Organisation), full-contact (single-stick)

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  • Jan/31/2005
    The Escrima school next door: Mainburg

    Escrima has been a fixed part of the programme at the EWTO school run by Sandra Trummer in Mainburg for a number of years.

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  • Nov/29/2004
    Self-protection with and against weapons – using everyday objects

    Sascha Dierschke, 1st Technician Escrima and an instructor in Berlin, was invited to hold a seminar for this year’s personal protection trainee intake at the Berlin and Brandenburg Police headquarters. The idea was initiated by Sifu Michael Banse, 3rd Technician WT and personal protection instructor.

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  • Oct/30/2004
    The Escrima school next door: Kiel

    Since spring 2000, Thomas Kramer teaches Escrima at the WT-Akademie in Kiel.

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  • Jan/29/2004
    Escrima Knives

    The Technician programmes in Escrima also include combat using bladed weapons, and in this case we have usually had recourse to various knives which have not always proved entirely suitable in the past. Many of these knives are either too awkward to handle for our techniques, of low quality or even forbidden under new German weapons legislation (from 2003). Accordingly Grandmaster Bill Newman (London) have got together with the two police and Escrima instructors Frank B. Metzner and Joachim Friedrich and knife designer Dietmar Pohl and and produced various designs which have taken on a more and more specific shape in recent months.

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  • Sep/30/2003
    Escrima-Summercamp 2003 in Croatia with Grandmaster Bill Newman

    As in previous years, escrimadores and WT-people from various countries came together for the annual summer camp in Vodice organised by the Croatian branch of the EWTO. This year a very special guest was expected, however: Escrima Grandmaster Bill Newman.

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