• Aug/28/2007
    An e-mail to a colleague of the “soft persuasion“

    Grandmaster Kernspecht’s answer to a letter from a martial arts acquaintance ...

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  • Jul/28/2007
    A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    My Spanish master student Victor Gutierrez recently referred to WingTsun as a „wolf in sheep’s clothing“ during his interview – and provided me with a welcome topic suggestion for this editorial.

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  • Jun/30/2007
    E-mail to Yip Man

    WingTsun grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht writes to his famous "forebear" ...

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  • May/30/2007
    Nothing outrages us more than injustice<br>Immanuel Kant

    Let us rid ourselves of the idea that the outside world can be a just world according to our standards!

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  • Apr/30/2007
    We can only change our lives if we change ourselves!

    The 3rd and most important level of WingTsun decides what kind of a person you are, how you feel, whether you lead a contented, happy and harmonious life ...

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  • Mar/30/2007
    What has WingTsun given me?

    In the guest editorial of this month Hans-Peter Schnabel describes how WingTsun influenced his life.

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  • Mar/01/2007
    What I am doing at present

    As I am often asked what I am currently doing, I have sat down at the keyboard to give you a brief list of the things that are occupying my time at the moment.

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  • Jan/31/2007
    When correction is a disturbing factor

    Why it is not good to constantly correct your training partner, and why it is also bad to give a running commentary during a lesson. Grandmaster Kernspecht and guest author Sifu Lars Böckers on “bad habits“ during WT training.

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  • Dec/29/2006
    Point theory and nasal spray against irritants and blocked left nostrils

    Bloody brawl over a blackhead at the hairdressers


    All Zabit H. (29) had come in for was a shave, but then suddenly the barber’s brother came up to the mirror and started squeezing out a blackhead ...
    The outraged customer ran outside to his car, fetched out a vacuum cleaner tube and started to lay into the barber Okan K. (20) with it. The latter responded by slashing him in the face with his open razor. Covered in blood, the customer ran outside and got into his Opel Ascona, intending to drive it into the front window of the salon. When the car hung itself up on a bollard, the driver became even more enraged, got out and smashed his own windscreen.
    Then the police arrived and took him away – unshaved.

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  • Nov/30/2006
    WingTsun is the art of solving problems

    WingTsun is an approx. 300 year-old Chinese survival system which is very different from the conventional martial arts, e.g. by not being the sum of its techniques, i.e. it has no fixed repertoire of specific techniques.

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