• Oct/31/2014
    Sharpening up the attack in WingTsun

    As I have spent October on a research tour related to the martial arts, I have requested Dr. Oliver König to help out by writing a guest editorial on the importance of correct and effective, appropriate attacks to stop an opponent.

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  • Sep/30/2014
    Why "Inner" WingTsun?

    Some want to know why I refer to my WT as "Inner WingTsun".
    I am of course well aware that there are very different assumptions about the meaning of "inner" in the martial arts.

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  • Aug/31/2014
    How useful is it to teach self-defence against bladed weapons?

    DaiSifu Dr. Oliver König has examined this topic very extensively, therefore I have asked him to present his thoughts in the form of a guest editorial.

    Your SiFu/SiGung Keith R. Kernspecht

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  • Jul/31/2014
    Do the movements we use for fighting come from the forms?

    In outer *ing *un people make it easy for themselves and resort to what appears likely: the forms and the movements they contain.

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  • Jun/30/2014
    A grandmaster must look on the other side of the fence, he owes that to his students

    In the summer nothing can keep me in the house, I have to get outside, train outdoors, take our dachshund for a walk or drive my old, red MGA roadster.

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  • Jun/01/2014
    Internal Farce – videos that embarrass us all

    The martial arts having fortunately undergone a more reality-based development in recent decades (cage-fights, MMA etc.), we are now witnessing – as was to be expected – an extreme countermovement by directionless dreamers.

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  • May/01/2014
    The contradiction that does not exist

    Many students, even instructors and highly graded teachers, are confused by the content imparted to them during lessons in recent years: for a number of years the initial emphasis was on softly giving way, i.e. on adaptation.
    Now the management team appears to have embarked on a different course, preaching and teaching the exact opposite.

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  • Mar/31/2014
    Skiing versus fighting

    This is a guest editorial by my late mentor Prof. Horst Tiwald. It comes from our voluminous and extensive email correspondence, whose content would normally have been material for discussion for many, many years  in other circumstances.

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  • Feb/28/2014
    Continuation of my editorial of last month

    On yet again perusing the several thousand pages of correspondence we exchanged, I happened across an early email from my mentor, Prof. Horst Tiwald.

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  • Feb/05/2014
    Self-defence has little to do with martial sports

    This subject crops up again and again in classes and seminars. And as it is of essential importance for an understanding of our WingTsun, and consequently how we teach it, I have set the case out for everybody to read in my "Course book: Internal WingTsun" which will be published shortly (in German first).

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