• Oct/05/2016
    BlitzFight – A new section within the EWTO

    As already announced in the interview at the 40th anniversary celebrations, we will open up a new section within the EWTO from 2017: BlitzFight.
    Many school owners already have their own classes to which have given names such as "Fit4Fight", "FightFit", "Sparring class" or similar. The aim of our "BlitzFight" concept is to raise this area to a higher quality level and standardise it throughout the EWTO.

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  • Aug/31/2016
    Handling contradictions

    "But SiFu, in the last lesson you showed us how we can neutralise an attack by softly giving way. Today you want us to practice countering the opponent's attack with power and stability. So which one is right? Hard or soft? Giving way or resisting? I have frequently been asked these and similar questions during my teaching activities. My answer is always "Both are correct. It depends on the situation".

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  • Jul/31/2016
    The joy of WingTsun

    At the beginning of this year an injury led to a neural inflammation that forced me to take a longer break. I was hardly able to move. Plenty of rest and patience were required. Thank goodness I was free of pain by the time of the grand 40-year celebration, and that was thanks to the great help of Sifu Samuel Lutz.

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  • Jul/02/2016
    The books I would save from a fire!

    There are about five or so cubic metres of books on the floor in front of me, and I have just been asked whether I can take on the July editorial. As you know, I take turns with Andreas, Giuseppe and Oliver to write the editorials, and this month it’s my turn.

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  • Jun/02/2016
    The broad spectrum of the EWTO

    Dear Readers,
    I am writing these lines to you from Bella Italia. Here, at this Italian seminar with my SiFu, GM Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht, on an old estate in the gentle hills of Tuscany amidst cypress trees, pines and wheat fields swaying in the breeze, you almost feel that you are back in ancient Roman times as in the film Gladiator, if it were not for the modern electricity pylons dotted around the area …

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  • May/04/2016
    When talking about "KungFu" you must also think of "India"

    For patriotic reasons, the Chinese like to emphasise the aspect of Taoism when talking about the origins of KungFu, as Taoism is a Chinese philosophy.
    Chinese masters and authors also like to play down the perhaps even greater importance of Buddhism, as this teaching of course came to China from India.

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  • Apr/01/2016
    Last chance

    Dear EWTO Members,
    We are almost there now. The preparations for the anniversary seminar "40 Years of the EWTO" are entering the final phase.

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  • Mar/06/2016
    Reaching a large age-group

    In recent years the availability of exercise and recreational activities for older people has increased enormously. The main reason is undoubtedly that thanks to modern medical care, the number of old people is steadily increasing. Not only is life expectancy constantly increasing, people are healthier in old age.

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  • Feb/08/2016
    Training against ambush

    I have recently been repeatedly asked for my opinion about the incidents that took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve. The general view seems to be that "There's nothing you can do in these cases. Self-defence or in particular WingTsun can't help you there either."
    I disagree completely with this, and in this editorial I will examine the subject in detail.

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  • Jan/01/2016
    WT & Grappling in 2016

    "Grappling on the ground is not a classic aspect of WingTsun,
    but nowadays it is a vital part of WT self-defence."

    Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht

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