• Dec/30/2003
    About Salt-strewers, elbow-users and those who try to get their way by any means.

    "Do as you would be done by" expresses an approach taken by Confucius 2500 years ago in his teachings about the due measure and centre of things (Jung Yung), has become a common saying and may also be found in the Bible. To some it is the so-called "golden rule". But who really understands this universal path to harmonious co-existence, and who is able to follow it consistently?

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  • Nov/30/2003
    Can everybody change?

    You cannot do what you want

    while you don't know what you are doing.

    Moshé Feldenkrais

    We always find ourselves in the same situations with the same types of people, are always confronted by the same problems and always have the same negative experiences. How can we free ourselves from all this?

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  • Oct/31/2003
    We learn to fight so that we don't have to.

    My thanks to all those members, students, colleagues and also followers of other styles who have given me friendly encouragement to continue writing regularly about topics relating to the 3rd level of WingTsun, i.e. “inner Kung Fu“. Some have asked me when I discovered my “bent“ for these aspects.

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  • Sep/30/2003
    The mark of a master is how he controls himself.

    Jisheng-Tze trained fighting cocks for the king. After ten days the king asked him whether his cock was ready to fight yet. "Not yet", he answered, "the cock is still full of aggression and pride." After another ten days the king asked again, and Jisheng-Tze answered: "Not yet. He is still sensitive to shadows and noises." ...

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  • Aug/29/2003
    Concerning so-called turns, elbows, mottos and the fact that we can know nothing

    We are constantly asked about the correct (!) turning angle, and people expect us to give a clear answer indicating the number of degrees etc.

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  • Jul/30/2003
    On the impossiblity of giving something if the recipient has no receptable for it yet.

    But in fact these are merely showy superficialities (though admittedly interesting and helpful), e.g. the position of the thumb during Fook-Sao.

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  • Jul/01/2003
    Major interview with Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht, 10th Level WingTsun (Europe), founder, head and chief instructor of the EWTO, the European WingT

    How do you prefer to be addressed? "Grandmaster", "Dai-Sifu", "Professor", "Dr. Kernspecht"? If you were my student it would be appropriate to address me as "Si-Fu", which indicates that you wish to learn from me and recognise me as your teacher. If you are not my WT student or are merely attending a seminar to try WT out, "Mr. Kernspecht" is perfectly adequate. Whether you add a title or not changes nothing, as I am still the same person with the same strengths and weaknesses.


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  • Jun/01/2003
    The Winner – Part 2

    However, I know that many disasters that end with murder and homicide develop in this way. As a result of consecutive irritations and difficulties, a poor diet and music that stimulates aggression the person concerned is already in a state of pre-tension, and quickly becomes more and more angry. The fact that R. nonetheless saw the light is worthy of the highest praise. He brought himself down to earth by taking stock and seeing himself through the eyes of an external observer. It was as if somebody had suddenly opened the curtains, allowing the sunshine to awaken a sleeper and end his nightmare at a stroke. R. was certainly a winner, as was the taxi-driver whose life and limb he may have saved.

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  • May/01/2003
    The Winner

    After waiting for two minutes he decided to make for the breakfast room, but she pointed emphatically towards another area of the lobby where a staff member appeared and demanded his coat, presumably to hang it in a wardrobe. On the way to his table he passed the breakfast buffet, whose selection of fruit and fruit juices bore no relationship to the room prices. He ordered a freshly-squeezed orange juice, and for the 47th time this year it annoyed him to be presented with preserved orange juice instead, served up as if it were something precious. Angrily he drank a large glass of Coke.

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  • Apr/04/2003
    A day


    I wake up very refreshed at 9 o'clock. Six hours of deep sleep are enough for me. I let out the dogs, who are already standing sentry at the door and greet me enthusiastically then roll around on the carpet stretching.


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