• Feb/28/2005
    Guest editorial

    Dear readers of my monthly editorials, today I would like to introduce you to something new, namely the guest editorial ...

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  • Jan/31/2005
    Why are we unable to let go?

    "Why are we unable to let go? Why do we find it so difficult to free ourselves from things or circumstances which restrict and make us unfree?"

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  • Dec/31/2004
    Free yourself from the behaviour of others towards you!

    Regularly observe yourself as you would an unknown being, but proceed according to a plan. For example, make a list of the forms of behaviour by others that particularly and repeatedly give you problems.

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  • Nov/30/2004
    The only freedom we have

    The only freedom man has is the freedom to do what he wants with his impressions. To accept one and reject another. The entire course of human history is marked by this. If Paris had reacted differently to his impression of Helen, the Siege of Troy would not have taken place and a major city and its people would not have been destroyed.

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  • Oct/31/2004
    Are we in fact killer apes with animal-like territorial behaviour?

    Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht answers questions about his new book ”The Last shall be First”.

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  • Sep/30/2004
    Tai-Chi Master Jan Silberstorff on the new book

    Jan Silberstorff, born in 1967, is a direct student of his Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. In 1989 he passed the state teaching examination for Taichi-Kwan in the People’s Republic of China. In 1994, under the aegis of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, he founded the WCTAG (World Chen Tai-Chi Association Germany), which is now probably the largest Tai-Chi association in Europe. He speaks fluent Chinese and has become well known as a result of his numerous tournament victories in Europe and China, as well as regular items about Taichi-Kwan on TV and in the press.

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  • Aug/31/2004
    Should we suppress negative feelings?

    Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht answers questions about his new book “The Last shall be First”.

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  • Jul/31/2004
    How do we free ourselves from our own strength?

    Man is born free,

    but everywhere he lies in chains.

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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  • Jun/30/2004
    It is we ourselves who are the "missing link" between the apes and man!

    The purpose of my monthly editorials is to help you to remember yourselves and not forget yourselves. For it is difficult if not impossible to shake oneself awake.

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  • May/31/2004
    Make yourself free from mechanical lying!

    We humans tell lies every hour of the day.

    A provocative and outrageous assertion, isn’t it? What do you mean by “we“? Other people do perhaps, but why “we“, which also includes “me“?

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