The Main Thing

In a "20-minute editorial" for November, Grandmaster Kernspecht reiterates the essential points that must be observed during any movement in WingTsun.

When we look at movement in WingTsun, we can see that there are two categories of movement:

The first is according to the energy principles involved

Every movement is a form of either pulling/seizing or pushing/shoving, i.e. "towards ourselves" or "away from ourselves".

We mainly use the chest, abdomen and biceps to pull opponents towards us. Energy travels from our hands to our feet, along the front of our body.

To push opponents away we mainly use our back and triceps. Energy travels from our feet to our hands, along the rear of our body.

We also distinguish between two forms of movement with respect to strategy and function

Every movement is either an opening or closing movement.

This means that I open or close myself. In the process I am generally also opening or closing the opponent.
PakSao/GamSao is a closing movement, for example, while TanSao is an opening movement. 

However, this not only involves closing or opening our joints, but also certain imaginary lines.

Pulling/pushing and opening/closing can only be taught in practice, not theory.

The aim of this 20-minute editorial is to draw your attention to these two most important aspects, so that you can bear them in mind during each of the so-called 1001 KungFu techniques.

Understand them to double your combat effectiveness!

Your SiFu/SiGung
K.R. Kernspecht